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Support Groups

The Benefits of a Support Group

M.E Support Northern Ireland runs monthly support group meetings where we invite our members to join others with similar experiences with the hope of finding some comfort in knowing that they’re not alone.

“It gives me the chance to talk with someone other than my wife and kids” – Jim, age 54

The realization that you are not alone is likely to be the first thought when you attend to your first support group meeting. This realisation can bring feelings of comfort and relive especially if you have never met someone else with M.E before. It may also be the first time when you do not have to explain what M.E is to anyone. Hearing other peoples’ personal stories can be of great benefit as it can provide hope to know that people can, and do recover from M.E.

It is our goal to share practical information to all who attend, including strategies to help alleviate your symptoms as well as recommendation of useful information that can help you in your recovery.


Our support group takes place on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Beechlawns Hotel, Dunmurry


We often have guest speakers at our meetings to provide advice on a range of issues e.g. benefits, employment, diet & nutrition and a range of public representatives.

“It was the first time I met someone my age with M.E” – Alana, age 19


Making New Friends

Making new friends is a benefit that our members find the most helpful, it’s common for people with M.E to lose touch with their old friends when they first become ill. This isolation can be devastating so making new friends who understand how you are feeling can be a powerful experience.

Many people find our support group plays an important role in their overall recovery plan.

We don’t charge for attending our support group so come along and see if it’s for you.

“I needed to talk to someone who understood what I’d been through” – Theresa, age 42