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Other Issues


The DVLA states that it is the driver’s reasonability to notify them of any medical conditions.

Depending on the severity of your M.E you many need an assessment from your GP and renew every 3 years.

While insurance companies many not mention M.E specifically, if you have a diagnosis of M.E ensure that they are aware. Your insurance may not be valid if you have not made them aware of the severity of your M.E

Jury Service

There are medical exemptions for Jury service. If you have been called up and your health prevents you from doing your civic duty you may need a letter from your GP.


Private Medical Sector

M.E Support Northern Ireland are not aware of any private doctor that has an interest in M.E. Oftentimes, the private sector recommends costly treatments and procedures that can be carried out on the NHS.

M.E Support Northern Ireland does know physicians who specialise in M.E from other parts of the U.K, who sometimes visit Northern Ireland to see patients. However, there are no set timetables for their visits making arranging appointments difficult.


Dental Care

Regular check-ups are encouraged to prevent any larger issues from developing.

Ensure that your dentist is aware of the effects of your M.E and any medications that you are taking. 

If you need to have an intensive procedure carried out such as a root canal it may be beneficial to take breaks or carry out the procedure over several appoints (weeks apart if necessary).



Regular check-ups are encouraged
It may be necessary to break-up your appointment over several weeks. 

Alternatively, a home visit from your opticians may be more suitable.

Specsavers provide free home visits to some of their customers.

Legal Advice

You may need legal advice about workplace discrimination, health insurance or a range of other legal issues that may arise due to your illness.

Unfortunately, M.E Support Northern Ireland does not have the resources to manage these cases ourselves. However, we do have a range of advisors, partners & contacts that we can direct you to who have the necessary experience and resources to address all your issues.